Promotion & Activity

Redleaf Attend Mini World Cup

Warm Samba dance, handsome football star and gorgeous football beauty.......

The every 4 years World Cup is a passion festival. In June 14-15, That 's SHANGHAI magazine held "2014 Mini World Cup" to allow more people to personal visit to feel strong football Carnival atmosphere in Jinqiao Pik Wan international community! Redleaf participated and sponsored this event to share the joy of football!

In this activity, Chinese and foreign people group consist of Chinese, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, England, Belgium, France, Korea, Japan, USA 12 Mini national team. Spain team, named Redleaf, with red shirt, matched to our Redleaf logo means constantly fighting spirit. In addition to mini adult team,  Mini Soccer of the children from different countries also was exicting. In addition, the lively event, there is more football beauty’s hot dance, all kinds of beer  and delicious food, and colorful children's game...... The atmosphere of joy made the scene into a grand festival party!


In order to let more people understand Redleaf, we gave the latest medical information, and made a warm and detailed introduction to parents about Redleaf Pediatrics, obstetrics and Gynecology and postpartum rehabilitation center. People gave Redleaf great interest. The day witnessed more than 300 people followed official Wechat. The elaborate gifts were popular to adults and children.