Imaging Department
Our physicians form a reliable and excellent team; they have strong medical knowledge and abundant clinical practice. With their abilities and diagnostic techniques they are able to bring their skills to monitor the progress of pregnancies and diagnose gynecological conditions. All our equipment is digital, this is a very sensitive and reliable technology with the added benefit that images can be downloaded and sent to other experts for a second opinion.

Our hospital is equipped with the most advanced Color Doppler Ultrasonography instruments, two of them are installed in the OB outpatient clinic and one in GYN outpatient clinic. We have a Color Doppler Ultrasound unit giving us added diagnostic abilities. We can obtain 3D and 4D images when needed. We also have a portable Doppler ultrasound instrument which we can use in the Maternity unit and in the Operating room.

Our Ultrasound machine is equipped with a feature so that expectant mothers can see their baby. With all this equipment and with the skills of the doctors and technicians we can produce valuable information to care for our patients.

We also have conventional X-Ray equipment also. We can perform investigations in all areas of medical care, including studies necessary in the investigation of infertility.

Our Imaging Department Doctor

  • Fang Yin

  • Xuemei Li