The standard of Anesthesia is excellent in China and at Redleaf Women's Hospital we have assembled a fine team of Anesthesia doctors. The equipment is state of the art and the skill of the practitioners excellent.  All the techniques are similar to those used in the North America or Europe. In other areas of medical care there may be cultural differences between Asia and the West, but in Anesthesia there are no differences in the objectives and execution.

The Anesthetists that work at Redleaf Women's Hospital are personable, well trained, dedicated professionals and provide an excellent standard of care to our patients. They are also very skillful in the art of Epidural Anesthesia: a form of regional Anesthesia, which can be invaluable in the care of the mother in labor. This is a technique that is particularly suitable for natural birth. The mother is numb and free from pain but she can still feel the baby moving down the birth canal and is able to push in order to deliver her baby. An additional benefit of this form of anesthesia is that it has no effect on the baby, as it is not a sleep inducing technique. We also use this technique for Cesarean Births; the mother can feel truly part of the birth process, can hear the baby’s first cry and hold and even nurse the baby shortly after birth.

Our doctors have a wide range of knowledge about such things as high blood pressure and diabetes as these and other conditions may affect the anesthesia. They also need to be aware of any medications that you are taking as this may also have an effect on the Anesthesia.

They visit each patient before surgery, take a medical history and answer any questions that you might have.