Redleaf Pediatrics can provide outpatient, checkups and vaccination services to 0-18 years old infants, children and teenages. We are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate medical care to children and their families with our highly experienced and qualified medical team, strong medical butler service and state-of-the-art facilities.

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International Medical Standard and Equipment

To provide the best medical care for every child, Redleaf has developed a pediatric care system with international standards and will achieve international hospital accreditation through
DNV, a global provider of services for risk management and hospital accreditation. We have advanced, sophisticated medical equipment, such as a special care nursery staffed and equipped like a western Level II NICU.

Cooperation with Prestigious Hospitals

Redleaf has established a partnership with Children’s Hospital of Fudan University. The leading experts from this hospital will provide regular in-house consultations and collaborate with Redleaf. An open-channel cooperation with each organization was established to enhance a committed working relationship to provide better high-end, evidenced-based services for Redleaf patients.

Pleasant Environment and Services

Redleaf Pediatrics was founded on the basis of caring for children. The state-of-the-art pediatrics unit will utilize a comfortable and colorful medical environment for children, for a pleasant visit and stay at Redleaf. Our medical butler will continuously accompany you throughout your visit to make the time pleasant and stress free.

Related Services

Routine Childhood Sick Illnesses

Our experienced pediatricians are trained to prevent and manage health care problems in infants and children.
•  Digestive diseases          
•  Respiratory diseases          
•  Endocrine diseases

Well-Child Care

We provides 0-18 years old children’s check-ups and an extensive health care assessment record service.
•  Routine check-ups
•  Kindergarten and school entrance check-ups
•  Health care and psychological assessment
•  Nutrition assessment


We offer personalized immunization schedule with imported and local vaccine to meet the requirement of immunization either in China or overseas.          
•  Initial vaccine          
•  Boost vaccine

Our Pediatrics Doctor

  • 邱申熊

  • Lorela Cortez-DY

  • xiaoyang sheng

  • Xiaoyin Shi

  • Guangrong Wang