Redleaf Fertility Center strives to provides world-class fertility services and superior clinical outcomes with highly experienced and qualified medical team and facilities. The mission at Redleaf Fertility Center is to help couples overcome infertility problems to have health babies. We achieve this by utilizing various cutting-edge scientific and medical practices while ensure each couple have the most comfortable stay and health care.

Currently, we are planning to add IVF technique to our medical services soon. Combined with Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics,Redleaf Fertility is able to provide the highest medical services you can find in Shanghai 

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Our team of top fertility specialists, gynecologists and fetal medicine experts aim to increase your chances of delivering a healthy baby. Dr. Isaac Schiff, Honorary CEO, and Dr. John Yeh, Hospital CEO are both well-recognized and hugely respected international leaders in the field of reproductive endocrinology and fertility.

At Redleaf Fertility Center we highly respect your privacy and boast a state-of-the art separate infertility clinic and private consultation and treatment rooms. This comfortable patient clinic encompasses state of art facilities. Redleaf Fertility has established a strong relationship with the Massachusetts General Hospital, Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital. Through this partnership we are able to cooperate with renowned experts in the infertility field in order to further enhance our medical service.

Redleaf Fertility is dedicated to providing our patients with personalized medical services in a compassionate and warm patient-centered setting. We offer disease prevention and treatment services in addition to healthy living advice as part of high quality health service package. Throughout the process, we highly respect your needs and ensure you stay involved and in control of every decision made.

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