Our Department of Obstetrics has gathered together a group of well-known international and local obstetricians. Our friendly medical staff use cutting-edge technology and advanced medical equipment in order to allow you and your baby to have a comprehensive international-standard birth. We treat you and your baby in a unique manner with our 5-star quality and services. Personalized interior design in each maternity suite brings a sense of comfort and safety to this wonderful family moment. We are committed to provide patient-and family-focused care which include twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week services with a full range of personalized mother and baby care. Our Department of Obstetrics offers preconception checks for the couple planning pregnancy, prenatal care, delivery and postpartum check for those already pregnant. The antenatal visits, at which you will meet our Obstetricians, who will spend time with you, check your baby and answer all your questions will be scheduled to suit your schedule. The prenatal package includes routine examinations, fetal-structural screening, fetal monitoring, and ultrasound examinations.

Our Obstetrics Doctor

  • Yanping Xia

  • Wen Huang

  • Anne Qing

  • Qing Wei

  • Zhi Qi

  • Yue’e Luo

  • Wenli Zhu

  • Elaine Miao

  • Peizhi Song

  • Flora Qian