At Redleaf Women's Hospital we have a well-stocked pharmacy and staff of dedicated professional pharmacists.

We have both an Inpatient Pharmacy and an Outpatient Pharmacy in the hospital. We will also open branch units to serve the OB/GYN clinics and the Early-Child Development department. Redleaf’s pharmacy staff have experience working at international hospitals or Grade II local hospitals. The staffs take pride in consulting and guiding the patients in the use of prescribed medications. They can answer all questions relevant to the medications. They will check that the medications have no unfortunate interactions with other medications or with food. They give particular attention to medications used by pregnant patients.

We purchase medications through the official channels which are approved by the Chinese government. The medications which we use are carefully chosen to ensure a high quality standard. Many medications chosen by us are produced by either by foreign enterprises or by joint-ventures companies which have a history of excellence.

If we do not have a prescribed medication in stock we can obtain very quickly.