Visiting Guide

We provide you with two convenient and quick ways to make an appointment and we promise to keep your privacy:
a) While visiting the official website of Redleaf Hospital, you can find the online reservation window via the home page or “service information/ online reservation. After you fill in your name, contact info, date of visiting and department, you can click the “submit” bottom to finish your appointment. And our customer service staff will contact you the first time to confirm and submit your appointment.
b) You can also call our 24-hour hotline 021-6196 3333, and our customer service staff will arrange for you to make an appointment and see your doctor according your requirements.

a) If you come to our hospital for the first time, please come 15 minutes before the appointment for registration. Please take your personal passport or ID card, and Redleaf Card or insurance card if you have one. Our customer service staff will register for you after you filling the form and inform the related doctor and nurses.
b) If you come for review, please come to the department appointed on time and bring your personal Redleaf Card and insurance card as well. The CS staff will register for you and inform the related doctor and nurses.

Our doctors will interview you in a single consulting room and communicate with you in details. Then doctors will arrange for the following checkup and make some treatment according to your personal circumstances.

Pharmacy and Payment
a)The billing staff will help you to check out after you seeing your doctor.
b)The pharmacy staff will carefully verify the name and medicine information, and direct your use of medicine.
c)Our customer service will assist you during the whole process and provide some relevant services such as calling a taxi if it is needed after the visiting.

Rights And Obligations

Infection Control introduction

If you want to be the international, you should be the most professional.

Our redleaf is an international women’s hospital in Shanghai. How can we named “international”:
1.Redleaf has built a strategic partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching Hospital of Harvard Medical School, to assist in delivering world-class medical care, and also to insure that Redleaf management and clinical services can remain current with international advances.
2.Redleaf aims to achieve international hospital accreditation through DNV, Det Norske Veritas, a global provider of services for risk management and hospital accreditation.
3.Redleaf has an international and professional Quality and Safety system to support medical and patient management and service.
Infection Control is one part of the QS system. It is a very important control for medical treatment and directly related to the patient healthcare and life security.
Our hospital IC system is based on the Shanghai CDC, and U.S. CDC policies, strictly implement the policies of the state, under the guidance of the laws and regulations.
Our hospital IC program is to support our hospital’s mission of providing excellent health care that is based on medical evidence and on quality and safety. The program directly contributes to meeting this goal by reducing the risk of acquiring and transmitting infections in patients, visitors and employees.
Hospital infection control is active and practice in all the hospital departments. If you are interested in our Redleaf hospital infection control, you can read the following functional form.

1.Alcohol- based- handrub device .
While you are walking in the hallway pleasantly, you can see the “Alcohol-based-handrub device” is set on the wall of the each separate room. Please don’t ignore these Alcohol-based-handrub devices, those are protect us to against the pathogenic microorganisms. And that will always remind you to “gel in and gel out”, no matter to protect the patients and also to protect our medical staff. As we all know, “hand hygiene” is the fastest, most important, most efficient, and most economical for the management of the hospital infection control. It is comply with the standard precaution and regulations. Through as the first protective barrier, the vast majority of the pathogenic microorganisms will be stopped to pass to the patient and infants.
2. Hospital physical environment cleaning and disinfection management.
While you are entering the room, you will be surprised on: Every object surface what is wiped up can reflect the figure, and no any dust on every corner. Why should we do that?
Because it is very clear to know that how important for cleaning and disinfection measures in hospital physical environment. Nowhere for the pathogenic microorganisms to hide. We use the disinfectant to wipe on the object surface which is colorless, odorless, harmless to human body, and no respiratory irritation twice per day, especially to the high- touched surface, and make sure the quality and safety for patient.
3. Multi-Function integrated bed management.
Bed is the most frequency contacted medical equipment during the patient in our hospital. Therefor, how can we ensure the safety and lowest risk to our patient? We have the “ Bed unit cleaning process”, our hospital staff will strictly comply and perform it to make sure completely clean and disinfection of the bed unit. For example, the bed frame we will clean and disinfection from top to the end and every 2 times per day with colorless, odorless, harmless disinfectant. Then, the knitted goods are be cleaned and disinfected if those are contaminated. However, the patient is discharge, all the unit will be “terminal disinfection”. We provide the high quality and safety to our patient hours.
4. Waste management.
We arranged 2 types of trash in the ward, one type is for life waste and another is for medical waste. For the life waste, we will educate our patient to throw it into the black bag, and for the medical waste will be treated into the yellow bag. And we labeled on the trash cover. The label is well marked and clear. In our hospital, in order to stop the pathogenic microorganisms spread in the physical environment, the trash is with cover. The bags in the trash will be replaced several times per day.
5.Medical supplement management.
Comply with the disinfection and isolation precaution s, strictly perform the aseptic tech. , we set the sterile gloves and surgical hand sanitizer to support the procedure or medical check for physician and nurses. And remind our staff to disinfection before hold the baby or feed the baby or change the dipper and as well. Well organization will arrive well medical quality.
6. Water system management.
There are 8 types of water system in our hospital for different demand.
Drinking water is up to the national "drinking water health indicators" (GB5749-2006) standards. Our engineering staff maintains the drinking water machine daily, and our facility staff cleans the drinking water machine daily. We also have bacterial detection for drinking water monthly to ensure what we provide is safety. .
Domestic water and shower water has reached the national "drinking water health standards." We will follow the national standards for hospital water sanitation, conducted each quarter tank cleaning and disinfection, and every six months to achieve the functions of the national government agencies to conduct water quality sampling hospital standards. Even shower, faucet, we sampled each month investigation, washable once every three months to ensure that water from secondary pollution.