Medical Services Payment and Insurances FAQ

1.Q:I have insurance. Can you provide direct billing service for my visit in Redleaf?
A:Please refer to our insurance Partners list. Please be aware that the access of direct billing various based on the plan you purchased, there might be some items are not qualify for direct billing services.

2.Q:My insurance is on your direct billing company list. How can I use my insurance?
A:Redleaf will assist you to complete the insurance claim form and send it to your insurance provider directly on your behalf for direct billing items. Our billing staff will ask you to sign the bill and claim after the consultation. You may responsible for copayment and deductible according to your insurance plan.

3.Q:Do you provide direct billing service for prenatal package?
A:Basically, most insurance companies require member to self-pay prenatal package upfront and claim later from insurance companies. In such circumstance, upon each visit, our billing staff will issue relevant Fa Piao and prepare supporting document for your self-claim.

4.Q:Do you provide direct billing service for delivery package?
A:For the delivery package, direct billing service is available based on receiving Guarantee of Payment letter issued by your insurance company. Please inform our Business Office 1 month prior to your due date if you want this service available. Please send you request to: billing@redleafhospital.com.

5.Q:Who can I talk to with questions about my bill?
A:For billing enquiries, please contact billing@redleafhospital.com or call (8621)6196-1133。Our Billing service is available 24/7.

6.Q:Should I bring my insurance card with me?
A:Yes. The information on your insurance card is needed for Redleaf to file a claim with your insurance company or companies. When you check in the first time we will check information about your insurance coverage and ask you to sign a few forms. This process moves much faster when you bring your insurance information with you. For the future visits, unless there is a change of insurance company or a plan coverage, you are not required bringing the insurance card every visit(Medilink card holders needs to bring card on each visit).

7.Q:Can I get a bill that itemizes the services I received?
A:Yes. If you self‐pay the service, you will get itemized bills from us once you made payment. If you are using direct billing for your service, we normally present you itemized bills and ask you to sign it. This original bill will be submitted to your insurance company for claim filing. If you need copy of your signed bill, you can request one from our billing officers.

8.Q:Should I contact my insurance company before coming to Redleaf?
A:That depends on the type of service you will be receiving and your insurance policy. We suggest that you review your policy and benefits prior to receiving any medical attention. If you have any questions regarding your policy, please contact your insurance carrier.

9.Q:How can I pay the bill?
A:Bills can be settled in cash or by major credit cards.

10.Q:When will I receive outstanding bill?
A:The length of time it takes the insurance it takes the insurance companies to process a claim varies greatly and can be quite long. Because we do not bill the patient until the insurance company has paid their portion.
Normally we send charges along with claim form to your insurance company within one week after your visit. The length of time for them to respond to the claim is an average of two months, maybe longer. If insurance company pays your charges in full, you will not receive a bill. If there is a balance due, you will receive a letter indicating that your insurance company has paid their portion of the bill and the amount that they have told us for which you are responsible. Please settle this outstanding bill within 15 business days.

Insurance and Direct Billing

The Redleaf Billing Office is trained to provide carefully and professional financial services for every customers. Our bilingual billing consultants efficiently answer your questions about insurance and billing whenever you visit the physician.
In order to offer more convenient billing services, the Redleaf makes great efforts to broaden the cooperation with insurance company for direct payment.
If you are willing to get more information on direct payment and relative services, please contact with our Business Department 86-21-61961133.

The following insurance companies are required prior authorization card
  • Cigna International

  • Assistance Online

  • Cigna CMC(only for inpatient customers)

  • AXA-Assistance( only for inpatient customers)

  • GMC(only for inpatient customers)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (only for inpatient customers)

  • SOS International